Space Cleansing

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

We seem to be living in a day and age where life has become more stressful and complicated than ever before. Think I'm joking? Just think about how many online accounts you have, the passwords you have to remember, the million chores you need to get done before you start work on Monday morning, that's in between entertaining the family and kids and getting the grocery shopping done!

I don't know about you but I am worn out just thinking about it and we all have those days where things just seem to spiral out of control. Add building a new home and moving into the mix and it's a recipe to elevate your stress to a whole new level!

Being organised at home is great first step to gain back control. Space clearing can help the mind to focus and provide clarity.

Top 5 Reasons to Declutter:

1. Boost Your Productivity

When things are organised it is easier to find what you're looking for, prioritize and put your energy towards more positive tasks (like playing with the children, going for a walk, having a spa day or finding quality time to simply do the things you enjoy).

2. Awaken Your Energy

When we clear out the rubbish that has become stagnant and meaningless we make room for positive energy and creative ideas to flow. As the age old saying goes, 'a change is a as good as a holiday.' I for one, feel fantastic after a good old Spring clean.

3. Revive Yourself

Being surrounding by clutter can impact your emotional and psychological well-being. By letting go of some of the things around your home, can represent the spiritual aspect of freeing yourself from old habits and negative emotions. This will allow you to look to the future with less burdens weighing you down or holding you back.

4. Clutter Increases Anxiety.

Surrounding yourself in a cluttered environment can heighten anxiety, stress and depression. This is why it is important to create a healthy living environment that reflects clarity, mindfulness and harmony.

5. How To Let Go

Finding it hard to let go of the things you've been holding onto in what seems like forever? Make a bag up for charity! We feel good when do good deeds and 'giving' is a great way to help others benefit while you make room to create your happy space. An important question to ask yourself is 'does it add value to my life?' If the answer is no, put it in the bag and let it go!

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