Supplements and vitamins are nutrients or herbs that are taken as a pill, tablet, capsule or liquid. They are meant to add to or enhance your dietary intake of vitamins and minerals from foods. They can also have a particular biological or physiological effect. For example, they can balance your hormones, correct a deficiency, or calm your nervous system. Vitamins are required for a number of cellular and tissue-specific processes in your body. Vitamins are primarily attained from your dietary intake, with different vitamins originating from different types of food sources. People benefit from taking supplements for multiple reasons. Most commonly, to correct a disease state or to ensure balanced nutrition to stay healthy. Most people can benefit from taking herbal medicine, vitamins and dietary supplements. Either to maintain their existing good health or to fix a health-related condition. A Naturopath must fully assess your health history before any remedies can be provided, to ensure there are no contraindications with current medications and that the right vitamins, minerals, herbs are given to you.

Natural Medicine

Naturopathy focuses on education and prevention by using remedies that allow the body to heal itself. It embraces diet, nutrition, lifestyle herbs, exercise, counselling and other complimentary therapies.