Well-Being Affirmations

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Using affirmations is a positive life tool that can change the mind’s self-talk by reaffirming the determination to achieve a higher sense of well-being.

This process takes several repetitions over a period of time. It is best done either first thing in the morning or before bed. It is at this time when the body is in a relaxed state and the subconscious mind is most receptive. Set aside 10-15 minutes for your affirmations and follow the steps below:

Make a mental note that this time is set aside for you to find inner-peace.

Go to a quiet place to retreat and sit in a comfortable, relaxed position.

Take a deep, slow breath in through the nose and hold it for a second or two and then release the breath out slowly through the mouth. Repeat this step a few times.

Feel the muscles in your body becoming relaxed.

Repeat the well-being affirmations first out loud and then quietly in your mind.

Continue repeating the affirmations throughout the day, several times a day. (Tip: to make it easier, write the affirmations down and carry them with you).

Repeat the following 10 Positive Affirmations for Optimal Well-Being :

  1. I love and accept myself for who I am.

  2. I attract amazing people in my life.

  3. I create my own reality and happiness.

  4. My body gets all the nutrients it needs.

  5. I have a strong need to nourish my body with healthy food.

  6. I feel good about myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

  7. I am doing the best I can with the tools available to me.

  8. I do not let other people's negativity influence me.

  9. My wisdom guides me to make the right choices.

  10. The past has no power over me and I set myself free.

These affirmations provide the mind with powerful and positive support. They tell the subconscious mind to start believing in its ability to maintain or create a healthy lifestyle. These will become your daily mantras, reassuring the body and mind that it is capable of a living a life filled with optimal health. The more frequently the affirmations are repeated, the more the subconscious is being programmed to believe it.

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