Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow moonstone is said to facilitate communication between the spiritual and physical world, helping its wearer to recall dreams. It is therefore thought to help bring out intuition. 

Stones are approx 1.5-2.5cm wide. Info card included. You will receive a 50g bag.


    RETURNS: For our own safety and the safety of others we will not be accepting returns for any reason. Please keep this in mind before ordering. All sales are final until further notice.


    PRODUCT INFO: Please note stones are a natural product and vary in colour, size, finish, texture and appearance. You willl receive a stone from our collection that is a close match to what has been photographed. Props are not included.


    POSTAGE: Due to current delays in mail we cannot control the time it will take for you to receive your package. We will notify you of any delays but please allow extra time for unforseen circumstances.


    If you have any questions please email: merrifieldwellnessclinic@gmail.com